Title: The OctopuppyelvisF
Martin McKenna
Interest level: Ages 3 to 8
Best for kids:
Who need an attitude adjustment

From the dust jacket: Edgar wanted a dog. Instead, he got an octopus named Jarvis. Jarvis couldn’t do anything a dog could do. Can the Octopuppy be the perfect pet for Edgar?

The Review: The cover art didn’t catch me… it wasn’t until I opened the book that I fell in love. Hard. Edgar is given this insanely gifted octopus… and  he’s so disappointed in him because he wanted a dog. It’s delightful. This book is so wonderfully illustrated that you can just stare at the same page for a full minute and enjoy all the little details. The text is minimal and it works. Loved this book, loved the message and can’t wait to read more from this wonderful new author!



Written by Kristin

Kristin is mother, social worker, wife and writer. She believes in second chances and in the power of picture books. She is also the co-author (with Brian) of the upcoming children's book, Candy Monster.

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