Title: The Astonishing Secret of Awesome Man awesome2
Michael Chabon
Balzer and Bray (HarperCollins)
Interest level: Ages 4 to 8
Best for kids: Who love superheros, who are active

 From the dust jacket: Awesome Man can shoot positronic rays out of his eyeballs, fly as straight as an arrow, and hug mutant Jell-O! Even villains like Professor Von Evil and the Flaming Eyeball are no match for this caped crusader. But Awesome Man also has a secret…Can you guess what it is? The first picture book from Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist Michael Chabon perfectly captures the fantasy life of young superhero fans. 

 The Review: Fantastic! I couldn’t be more pleased with this one! In this quick-witted picture book we follow Awesome Man through his outrageous super-heroic superhero super life. Everything from fighting his arch nemesis to taking some time to “chill” because, “the thing is, I’m superstrong. I have to be careful. I can’t start hitting stuff or kicking stuff or throwing stuff around, even though that’s what I want to do so badly. I might hurt somebody, or destroy a city or something.” This book made me incredibly happy. Chances are, you and your little super hero will feel the same.


Written by Kristin

Kristin is mother, social worker, wife and writer. She believes in second chances and in the power of picture books. She is also the co-author (with Brian) of the upcoming children's book, Candy Monster.

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