Authors: Brian & Kristin Anderson
milk Illustrator: Anna Merrill

On the dust jacket: Sam loves candy. His level-headed parents want him to eat healthy. But when this stubborn seven-year-old candy connoisseur is allowed to eat ALL the candy he wants, no one is prepared for the outrageous, magical, body-transforming, candy adventure that comes next!

Candy House Review: I wanted to read this story to my children two years ago. I wanted to read a wild, German folk-taley story about a boy who ate so much candy he turned into a monster. I searched and searched but came up empty. Rather than get a hobby or make friends, my husband and I decided to try and write such a book. It was an invigorating, exhausting, joyful, miserable experience and I’m so proud. I love this book. I like that it teaches a lesson without taking itself too seriously. I love the pictures, the scrumptious language and the way kids lean forward when I read it.

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Kristin Anderson

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Written by Kristin

Kristin is mother, social worker, wife and writer. She believes in second chances and in the power of picture books. She is also the co-author (with Brian) of the upcoming children's book, Candy Monster.

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