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Candy Monster is the scrumptious tale about a boy who ate so much candy that he turned into a candy monster. It’s brilliant… if I do say so myself! Before I wrote this book I scoured the internet for just such a story to read to my candy addicted children. You see, I was raised by a German mother who told German fairy tales (if you aren’t familiar with the way Germans tell kids stories check out the classic Struwwelpeter. You’ll get it).

I was shocked that the book I wanted to read was no where to be seen. So with the immense help of my almost English PhD husband, we wrote this book that’s much less scary than Struwwelpeter! I do so hope you like it. I know we do!

I am leaving all these old updates up to show the journey and the timeline.

All the best,
Kristin Anderson

Dear Candy House Fans,

"He certainly ate more marshmallows than a growing boy should".

“He certainly ate more marshmallows than a growing boy should”.

We have some big news… we spent 9 emotionally-charged months creating a little darling and we’re happy to announce that we’re expecting… our first book!!!

It’s called Candy Monster and it’s our best work. It’s about a boy who ate so much candy he turned into a monster.

It’s delightful.

We can’t wait to share it with the world! The manuscript is currently being illustrated by Anna Merrill, it’s her first book too. 

We’ll keep you in the loop about the release date and whatnot.

Thanks for all love, support, comments and shares. Best little group of fans in the world.

Much love,

Brian & Kristin




Learn more about our amazing illustrator Anna Merrill by clicking here!!






The manuscript and illustrations are complete! Rook publishing is now working on layout! They are asking for things like dedications, professional photos, author and illustrator biographies and whatnot.

Rook says we will receive the author proof in March!

This is happening! monster


We have our release date! JULY 13, 2016! Look out world, here comes Sam!


Well team, this seems to happen to every bright-eyed, bushie-tailed young author… our release date is getting pushed back to August 17, 2016 (for fancy publisher reasons). We are actually glad a little because July 13th seemed like such a drab day to have a book launch party. Really August 17th is a much better choice.




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