Brian is a 6’8 PhD drop-out turned Texas fire fighter. He is nicer,  smarter, more attractive and more socially appropriate than his wife Kristin.

If you found yourself in a speed dating situation with the two of them, you’d pick Brian. Every. time.

Brian has this quiet confidence that I’ve decided stem from his top-notch upbringing. When Brian goes home to visit for the holidays, he sleeps in the same room surrounded by the same stuff he hung up when he was 17. His parents adore him and so does everyone else.

I am Kristin. A few people adore me. I’m 6’3. I have two kids. My parents divorced when I was 15 and I majored in Social Work in college. I especially love working with teenagers whose parents are divorced and I also especially love writing for mothers who don’t have a traditional family to fall back on… go figure.

I am also so enthralled by children’s lit that I went and became a children’s book writer myself… with help from the smarter, more attractive husband. Our upcoming book, Candy Monster is very good. I hope you take the time to read it to you and yours.

This blog is meant to raise the hands that hang down, to promote what works and to give you a glimpse of what it’s like in someone else’s life. I hope you find something worth keeping.

Only the best,

Kristin Anderson


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