Writing Your Own Book- Part 4- Submissions

You feel done. Your reviewers are satisfied with your work. You have combed over every word. You’ve trimmed the fat. Well done! It’s time to submit! The first thing I would recommend doing, which requires a little leg work from you, is finding books at the library that you love, that have a similar feel… Read more »


The Circus Ship: Book Review

Author/Illustrator: Chris Van Dusen Best for kids: who love animals and good books On the dust jacket: When a circus ship runs aground off the coast of Maine, the circus animals must stagger to the shore of a small island. At first the townspeople view them with suspicion, but it’s not long before locals and… Read more »


Writing Your Own Book: Part 3- Revision

At our book launch party a charming little girl named Mikayla informed me that she wanted to be a children’s book author. She treated me a bit like a celebrity and wanted to know all about my journey to authorhood. The role of celebrity suited me rather well, I thought. I love kids. Especially the forward ones. Mikayla informed… Read more »


The Name Jar: Book Review

Author/Illustrator: Yangsook Choi Best for kids: who are learning about diversity, who ever thought about changing their own name On the dust jacket: Being the new kid in school is hard enough, but what about when nobody can pronounce your name? Having just moved from Korea, Unhei is anxious that American kids will like her. So instead… Read more »


I Took My Kids to See Storks this Week… Twice

My kids loved it, but then again, kids are easy to entertain.  Most will sit and watch the most inane drivel as long as the movie is brightly animated.  I’m looking at you, Turbo. Sometimes, especially with non-Pixar animated films, I get the feeling that the film was made just to provide Netflix content which… Read more »


How Martha Saved Her Parents from Green Beans: Book Review

Author: David LaRochelle  Illustrator: Mark Fearing On the dust jacket: “Green beans are good for you. Green beans will make you big and strong.” Martha doesn’t believe what her parents tell her. And nothing will ever -EVER- maker her eat them.  But when some beady-eyed, boot stomping beans bust into town and start causing trouble,… Read more »


Writing Your Own Book- Part 2: Putting Pen to Paper

Since reading Part One, you’ve learned how to become inspired and how to hone that drive into a more focused idea.  Now it’s time to start writing something.  But what to write?  Where to start? Here are the two best pieces of advice I ever got about writing: First, write where the energy is; and… Read more »


6 Ways To Be A Little Better Mom Today

My mantra this month is, “Be a little better everyday”. This is a nice healthy mantra for me because I tend to be an all-or-nothing kind of a person. Either I am the president of the PTA or I don’t go at all. Either I am making a perfect meal or we are having nachos… Read more »


Tadpole’s Promise: Book Review

Author: Jeanne Willis Illustrator: Tony Ross On the cover: Where the willow tree meets the water, a tadpole met a caterpillar. They gazed into each other’s tiny eyes… and fell in love. “I love everything about you,” said the caterpillar. “Promise you’ll never change.” And foolishly the tadpole promised… But we all know that tadpoles… Read more »


Snip Snap! What’s That?: Book Review

Author: Mara Berman Illustrator: Nick Maland On the dust jacket: Snip snap! Snip Snap! Snip snap! What’s that? And what will the children do once they find out? Candy House Review: This book is a riot. I love when a book insists that you read it with gusto… this book insists! I was impressed by… Read more »


    Writing Your Own Book- Part One: Finding Yourself as a Writer

    In this six-part series titled Writing Your Own Book, I will take you through everything from: finding your genre, structuring ideas, the revision process, submitting to publishing houses, and even how to get famous once your work is published. I will be focusing on Children’s lit because I am a published author in that field… Read more »

  • candy

    Candy Monster: Glowing Book Review!

    Authors: Brian & Kristin Anderson Illustrator: Anna Merrill On the dust jacket: Sam loves candy. His level-headed parents want him to eat healthy. But when this stubborn seven-year-old candy connoisseur is allowed to eat ALL the candy he wants, no one is prepared for the outrageous, magical, body-transforming, candy adventure that comes next! Candy House… Read more »

  • sophie's

    Sophie’s Squash- Book Review

    Author: Pat Zietlow Miller  Illustrator: Anne Wilsdorf On the dust jacket: Sophie and Bernice. Bernice and Sophie. The two go everywhere together: to story time at the library, to visit friends at the farmers’ market, to practice somersaults in the garden. The only problem? Bernice is a squash. Candy House Review: For every granola-eating, recycling,… Read more »

  • 15-16-STINKY-Slide

    I Love You, Stinky Face: Book Review

    Author: Liza McCourt Illustrator: Cyd Moore On the dust jacket: A mother tucks her child into bed with comforting words of love. But the imaginative child has a few questions. “What if I were an alligator with big, sharp teeth that could bite your head off? What if I were a super smelly skunk, and… Read more »

  • invisible

    The Invisible Boy- Book Review

    Author: Trudy Ludwig  Illustrator: Patrice Barton On the dust jacket: Meet Brian, the invisible boy. Nobody ever seems to notice him or think to include him in their group, game, or birthday party… until, that is, a new kid comes to class. When Justin, the new boy, arrives, Brian is the first to make him… Read more »

  • octopus

    Good Thing You’re Not an Octopus- Book Review

    Author: Julie Markes  Illustrator: Maggie Smith On the dust jacket: If you were an octopus, you would have eight legs to put into your pants! Follow one little boy through his day as he playfully considers how mealtime, bath time, nap time, and many other activities would be different if he were a bird, a… Read more »

  • special

    One Special Day- Book Review

    Author: Lola M. Schaefer Illustrator: Jessica Meserve On the dust jacket: Does having a new brother or sister make you into more than you already are? Spencer is about to find out. He’s as strong as a bear, as funny as a monkey, and as wild as a tiger. But on one special day, everything… Read more »

  • Pics for gram 040

    The wolves we ought to feed when we love someone…

    When I was young, my mother told me a story about wolves. She told me that deep inside me there was a pack a wolves. Some of the wolves were fierce and strong, while others were weak and feeble. “Why are they all different?” I asked. She answered simply, “Wolves get bigger when you feed… Read more »

  • demoliton

    Demolition: Book Review

    Author: Sally Sutton  Illustrator: Brian Lovelock On the cover: From the huge crane with a swinging ball (crack!) to the excavator that rams the walls (wham!), this rambunctious demolition, reverberating with sound words, is guaranteed to keep kids’ rapt attention.  Crush the stone,  Crush the stone,  Chip and grind and munch.  Make new concrete  from… Read more »

  • The_Story_of_Ferdinand

    The Story of Ferdinand- Book Review

    Author: Munro Leaf  Illustrator: Robert Lawson Best for kids: Who love to smell flowers On the cover: In Spain lives a big and strong bull whose name is Ferdinand. Unlike the other young bulls, Ferdinand does not like to fight. He would rather sit  in the shade of his favorite cork tree and smell the… Read more »

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